Since 1932 Cape Cod Animal Hospital has been taking care of generations of family pets in the mid-cape area. Dr Leach founded CCAH in 1932. 

On March 9th 2009 an explosion and horrific fire engulfed the Cape Cod Animal Hospital.

Below is a recap of the time form fire, to the modular units to our current new building in video and pictures and news articles.

​Cape Cod Animal Hospital never really ceased operations after the fire. From treating pets from the back of an SUV, to the generosity of IFAW and their medical trailer to the quick construction of the modulars and then moving into our newly constructed Hospital in the Spring of 2010, what a year it had been! 

Thank you so much for your support and compassion when my cat Elliot passed away unexpectedly last week. I am so grateful you were there on Saturday and made the time to assist me."


Loving Dog Owner

Articles - Videos - Media


March 9th 2009 Fire engulfs Cape Cod Animal Hospital, read

March 10th 2009 The Fire - day after Cape Cast, view
March 10th 2009  Fire Pictures, view

March 11th 2009 Animal Clinic Fire Probe, read
March 12th 2009 The Puggle is found, read
March 12th 2009 Electrical Failure Leads to Fire, read
March 19th 2009 Blaze Highlights Utility Dangers, read

Cape Cod Animal Hospital never ceased operations after the fire.

Dear Cape Cod Animal Staff

March 9th - 2009 Gas Explosion at CCAH, view
March 10th - 2009 interview with fire Chief,
March 10th - Fire Aftermath, Interview with Dr. Munson,
March 21st - Update on Business of CCAH,

​April 5th 2009 Animal Clinic Persevers, read
April 10th 2009 Vet Clinic Rises from Ashes, read
June 15th 2009 Demolition of Cape Cod Animal Hospital, read
August 1st 2010 Rebuilt After Fire, read

A Short History of Cape Cod Animal Hospital

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 Cape Cod Animal Hospital

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Shortly after the fire, the owners of Cape Cod Animal Hospital cleared the land next door and started the construction of a temporary modular building, while seeing patients in the IFAW trailer. Below is the sequence of videos that show the process.
​ 3/21/09 Introducing the IFAW Trailer - view  | Getting ready for the modulars - view   |  4/9 Construction of modulars - view
A little over a month after the fire Cape Cod Animal Hospital was preparing to open up in the temporary modulars. 4/29/09 Tour of the modulars, view  | 5/16/09 Open in the temporary building, view  
On June 26th 2009 the demolition of the burnt out Cape Cod Animal Hospital began and the rebuilding of the new animal hospital would begin.
​ 11/5/09 Rebuilding begins update by Dr. Munson - view   |  1/16/10 Update on building and inside tour - view 06/2010 Take tour new building - video