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Due to the highly contagious and virulent nature of Canine Influenza Virus, Cape Cod Animal Hospital recommends all healthy dogs 8 weeks of age and older be immunized now – before we experience the epidemic documented in other states. 
Even if you do not plan on boarding your dog, the vaccine is highly recommended due to the ubiquitous nature of the virus. (Dogs may be exposed unknowingly at parks, pet stores, groomers, veterinary facilities or just a walk around the block.)Clients can call to schedule the vaccination during our regular hours (8AM – 5PM Mon.-Sat) .  

The vaccination requires an initial series of two vaccines given 2-4 weeks apart and then an annual booster.

​The vaccination cost is $21 per injection (initial series will cost $42.00), plus tech appointment and hazardous waste disposal fee.For more information about Canine Influenza Virus, read the FACTS SHEET visit www.doginfluenza.com or call us (508) 428-6393.

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Canine Influenza Virus

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